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Reindeer2Hire. A Family-Owned Business

Reindeer2Hire is a family run business based in ‘Oxfordshire’ and born out of a passion for sharing these beautiful animals with the public to enthral and to educate. Every one of our reindeer is truly loved and cared for to the highest standard. The reindeer live with us for their entire lives on our countryside farm near Oxford.


Our service is professional, safe and reliable.



The welfare of our reindeer is paramount alongside all of our many rescued and retired animals. Through our research into reindeer husbandry, we have a herd that is exceptionally happy, healthy and enjoy life to the full.


Our services are strictly regulated and monitored by official government bodies, although we always go above and beyond these guidelines in relation to the comfort and welfare of all of our animals.


Reindeer love positive and gentle human interaction and as such, they thoroughly enjoy going out to events as much as our staff do! In recent years, the travelling animal industry's integrity has been negatively affected by the unacceptable decline in animal welfare standards by profiteering competitors; a value Reindeer2Hire held as one of our primary standards and we did not wish to be associated with such poor practice.  Our focus on and dedication to combining animal welfare with large scale ethical entertainment and display events has created a differentiated reindeer experience.

Our reindeer spend nearly all year out in our open countryside paddocks.

Our reindeer, both male bulls and females, are part of our family; they have been born at our farm or rescued and enjoy life with us all. The love the family and staff shower on these majestic creatures has resulted in a particular mutual bond; each reindeer has one favourite staff member they are particularly close to.


Our reindeer spend most of their time roaming in our vast open paddocks and can freely retreat to our custom reindeer stables. 

Be the reindeer crowning the rising sun, amidst the clouds of rumours and gossips, standing on the peak of the mountains, see the haters flowing downward like sinking rivers.  


-Swapnashree Sahoo


All Bookings Are Subject To Our Terms & Conditions


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