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Meet Our Furry Family

All our reindeer are trained to be calm and controlled at events, however, they are not without spirit! Each one has its own unique character, which adds colour and depth to every event they attend. Our reindeer spend most of the year out in the paddocks, playing, eating and sleeping.


They work for minimal times in the months of November and December and the revenue the reindeer earns keeps them well cared for and happy for the next ten months. Our work for the reindeer is mainly at the weekends during the Christmas period, with occasional weekdays, but they have plenty of free time to relax and enjoy their time at the farm.

We take work on to keep the reindeer in the comfort they are accustomed to at home, and we do not ever make a profit! We NEVER take out a reindeer to more than one event per day. That way, they are enthusiastic happy and content.


There is always a reindeer at home for every booking we take to ensure that there is a substitute to take its place should one be unwell. Unlike many companies, we import lichen moss from Norway for the reindeer to eat a this is their staple diet in the arctic tundra in winter. Reindeer love this food!




Cracker is ten years old and is a truly handsome reindeer. A character with some very funny habits; he loves playing with any human willing to play with him. He loves to catch exercise balls by his antlers and being chased around a field! Cracker loves to be close to humans and may even try to sit on a lap or two, however, he’s far too big for that now! He is also the fastest of the herd, proven after winning at Kempton Park Races no less than 5 times! He loves to pose and look at the crowd when winning at the races!





Snowflake is our oldest reindeer; she is eleven years old and the most experienced out of the herd. She is the mother of two of our other reindeer, Blitzen and, more recently, Bambi. She is stunning, expressive, and always posing for the camera as soon as it points in her direction. Snowflake pulls the handlers to the trailer and can’t wait to leave the farm, looking forward with excitement to meet and greet her new public and attentive friends. Snowflake is loved by everyone and anyone who meets her!





Blitzen is Snowflake’s and Frosty’s son, born at our Oxfordshire farm. He is 12 years old and a professional when attending events. He is a true character, inheriting his mother’s doe eyes and good looks. Blitzen loves attending events of all kinds; he is the reindeer that takes your breath away when he stands up on the pen and tries to get close to the public. He loves people and the attention they very willingly offer him. Blitzen grows huge antlers every year, which never fail to impress; he is a true gentleman and a pleasure to work with.



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