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We offer a selection of different packages to allow you to choose the services you need to suit your event, with various extras available to customise your reindeer experience further.

We are completely self-contained and only need access to water and maybe a cup of tea!



We deliver a tailored experience based on customer needs and offer a wide selection of reindeer packages for your event. We aim to provide the highest quality service with authentic details such as imported lichen moss (a specialised nutritious reindeer food) and custom-made props such as our beautiful Lapland Santa Claus sleigh. Below are just some of the many services that we can offer.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and will do our utmost to fulfil your requests and make your event truly magical.












We cover all locations in the UK, but the most cost-effective areas are Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, London, Essex, Surrey, Somerset and Wales. If we need to travel further, an overnight stay may be required for the welfare of the reindeer and the transport licence regulations that we strictly adhere to. Please contact us to discuss events that are outside the counties listed above.


  • Minimum of two fully antlered reindeer (we can supply more reindeer on request)

  • Staff in full Christmas costume to manage the reindeer and interact with visitors

  • Gazebo to fully cover the pen in case of poor weather

  • Alcohol-based hand wash station

  • Employers Liability Insurance – £10 million

  • Transport licence

  • Fully set up ready for exhibition within one hour

  • Commercial freestanding hot and cold water hand wash system

  • A tailored exhibit time of reindeer 

  • Decorated Pen: 16ft x 16ft (5ft high) to safely contain the reindeer

  • Santa's sleigh (static)

  • Norwegian reindeer moss for the clients/public to feed the reindeer

  • Astroturf floor protection

  • Public Liability Insurance – £5 million

  • DEFRA Licence to attend the venue

  • Full Risk Assessment

  • Reindeer and all equipment removed, and the area cleared on completion

  • Extended exhibit time can be arranged on request at additional cost


The welfare of our reindeer, staff and guests is paramount and we maintain high standards of safety at all times. We supply a risk assessment, full Public Liability Insurance up to £5 million, Employers Liability Insurance up to £10 million and DEFRA transport licence. Animal Welfare standards are adhered to and exceeded at all times. All our staff are very experienced, professional individuals who love working with reindeer.

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Reindeer at any corporate event is an asset, giving a central focus and talking point for your guests and staff, 99% of whom are still children at heart and love to stroke and see real reindeer in the boardroom! We have found that the guests relax very quickly and are just as overwhelmed by the presence of these majestic creatures as anyone else who meets them. Give your staff a real treat and hire the reindeer and our Father Christmas. You will be amazed at how well they are received!

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Private venues, such as home, parties, weddings delivering Christmas presents and meeting your family members with photo opportunities are all catered for by Reindeer 2 Hire. There is nothing more magical than a reindeer with Father Christmas knocking on your door to deliver (pre-collected) presents to the children. We can supply a pen in your garden (if accessible and large enough – minimum size 25ft x 25ft) with two reindeer and two elves. Or you can have the whole package of two elves, two reindeer, a pen, sleigh and Santa Christ Nicholas. Bring the magic of Christmas to your door. Create an extraordinary memory for life.

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Christmas fair in Hyde park in 2016, Lon

Fact: Reindeer draw in the crowds to any event. We are very experienced in Christmas Fairs, and we regularly work in Central London. Due to our regular attendance at venues such as Hampstead Christmas Fair, we have become regarded as part of their tradition! All of our staff are highly conversant on dealing sensitively with the general public, ensuring safety, welfare, and control for both the reindeer and general public whilst on exhibition at all times.


Our mobile pens are just over five foot high to prevent the escape of the reindeer and solid in structure to withstand members of the public leaning on the sides. We have attended Christmas Fairs with thousands of visitors, and the pens are trustworthy and by far the safest on the market by comparison to other companies. We have never had a reindeer escape or jump out of the pen, due to the good nature of our reindeer and our professional equipment. We now offer portable hot and cold commercial hand wash systems (the venue needs a water supply) to ensure health and safety are adhered to. We aim to be fun, knowledgeable, and interactive at every event to create a truly memorable experience alongside injecting the Christmas spirit into the atmosphere for everyone present to enjoy.


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All of our reindeer are available to hire for film, commercials and TV projects. They have been involved in making commercials for major international brands and companies such as Costa Coffee.


Our reindeer are trained to be accustomed to the unique surroundings that come with a television and movie set.


Our regular clients include the BBC, ITV and Sky. Please email us for further details and your requirements.

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Happy little girl hugging her reindeer.

Educational visits are becoming increasingly more popular and schools are perfect for visiting with the reindeer. After all, Christmas is really about the innocence and enchanted belief within children. We try to nurture the magic of Father Christmas and his reindeer and add to the children’s imagination using the natural behaviour of the reindeer and a sprinkle of magic dust. We incorporate the educational side, such as the physical features, e.g. feet, antlers, fur, etc.… alongside the wonderous elements that children of a certain age want to hear. However, we constantly respect the school's requests regarding how they would like us to portray the reindeer, although most enjoy both aspects of education and magic to be included.

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Book Reindeer2Hire for your celebrity party and add an extra sprinkle of festive glitz and glam as a magical touch to your VIP and celebrity Christmas event by hiring our Santa and reindeer, well known for their TV and movie appearances.


If you’re looking to put on a high-profile event for your most select VIPs and give them a Christmas experience they will never forget, then Reindeer2Hire with Santa Claus.


We have provided our reindeer to Hollywood A-Listers, prominent sports personalities, business leaders and politicians, amongst much other high profile clientele.


Our services include home visits for more intimate gatherings for VIPs, celebrities and their families. 


As with all of our high-profile clients and their loved ones, we take their privacy and security very seriously indeed, and protocols are in place to guard all information. We are also happy to undergo additional security checks and interviews before meeting with high-security clients.


All Bookings Are Subject To Our Terms & Conditions


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